About Us

spinning-star-logoStarted in April 2007, the aim of the FV Taekwondo Blog was to document just one or two techniques as they were practiced within our weekly classes held in Perth, Western Australia. As such many posts have been written after or soon after each class, and were used as an opportunity to highlight issues that could not have been better covered due to time constraints within the class.

The FV Taekwondo Blog has since amassed a respectable amount of information on Taekwondo Techniques and other related martial arts content, and attracts a significant amount of online traffic worldwide. Such was one of my primary aims, to make Traditional Taekwondo ‘accessible’ to other practitioners and whoever else may be interested. The posts are there to be used as a reference point for discussion and sharing – so please be kind, many of the posts are written quickly and are not intended to present a complete study.